About Us

We are on our way to mentor 1 million children breakthrough bullying before 2030


Sebastian Bates

Show Host
Sebastian Bates is the co-founder of Not A Victim and co-author of the book Not A Victim. He is founder of The Warrior Academy, a global martial arts organisation that has voted among the top five in the UK. The Academy runs programmes all around the world and its clients include the Royal Family in the UAE. Sebastian is a best-selling author on the subject of character development, having published The Warrior Method in 2018, and host of The Warrior Academy Podcast, which was ranked among the top three educational podcasts in the world on iTunes on its release.

Menno Siebinga

Creative Director
Menno is the co-founder of Not A Victim and co-author of the book Not A Victim. He is a Superagers trainer specialising in unlocking more vitality, life and meaning in people over 50, then they knew they had in them. His business, Body & Brein, reinvents aging and vitality using a unique approach to physical and mental training. Menno is co-author of the books Fit for Leadership 3 and Retire to Inspire 1 and is working on a new book, Superagers, the Art and Science of Forgetting to Grow Old. A trained physiotherapist, Menno is also a former European and world champion in Escrima, next to being a co-host on the Warrior Academy Podcast. He also has his own Superagers Podcast.

Our Vision

Show Host
We see a world full of kids and families evolving and breaking through life’s obstacles and their goals, not breaking because of them.
We know that when families don’t need to struggle more or longer then necessary it creates the ability for them do the things which makes them come alive. It breaks the cycle of bullying, but also gives them the opportunity to stay connected and pro-active no matter their age or circumstances.

Our Story

Creative Director
Sebastian and Menno were both bullied as a child but didn’t let them stop them. With the support of martial arts and others they overcame it, and start thriving, having developed principles to overcome other obstacles.
They partnered up to create Not A Victim to give parents the tools to pro-actively give their children a Black Belt in Resilience for life.