Enable your children to breakthrough bullying, setting them up with a black belt in resilience for life.

As parents, we do our best to protect our children and give them the tools and skills to do it on their own. We teach them how to cross the road safely; we tell them not to talk to strangers, that fire is hot and more.

Unfortunately for children, it's more than likely that other children or teachers will bully them.

We believe it's better to prepare our children for this to break through the bullying instead of breaking.

When children are bullied and have a hard time handling this, this often sets them up to live life in a different way, where all the decisions they make or made from a place of being afraid. This affects so many choices where they often discourage themselves; it's their school choice, not talking to the person they are attracted to, stopping with school, not going for their dream job out of fear, and making unhealthy lifestyle choices. This maybe sounds unreal, but we saw these examples when bullying broke people, and we also saw the opposite, where they broke through it and had more courage.

If we prepare them for this, not only will they be able to handle this better, but they also will have learned valuable skills which they can use to break through Life's obstacles, having gotten a black belt in resilience and readiness. Our names are Sebastian Bates and Menno Siebinga; we are martial artists specialising in mentoring families to break through Life's obstacles such as bullying rapidly.

Our podcast about bullying has reached the top 3 worldwide. We are regularly asked to appear in media to talk about bullying, such as the national radio in Dubai, which reached over 1 million people and newspapers in the Netherlands.

By working with over 5,000 families, interviewing 2,000 parents, and collecting over 100,000 data, we realised there is a widespread lack of awareness and preparation under families of a transition children go through, making or breaking their character. Which often goes unseen for years but affecting everything they do. We are talking about bullying.

The three problems we identified as a risk are:

-The R of Reliant shy away from challenges; they retrieve from activities, school work/grades can go down.

-The I stands for their own image. It's the way you and the bully see them as easy victim. The image they have of themselves and the way they see the world and bullies.

-The sc stands for Self-control, having a hard time controlling their emotion, situations.

This eventually leads to three misery moments. One, losing their range of freedom, for example, being scared to go to school. Second a moment of breaking will happen, where they feel like they don't know what to do and how to overcome. It becomes too much. Thirdly this is the stage where there is post-traumatic stress, where one event affects the now and future in a way that doesn't serve them to what they are capable of. Here they become a victim and are living without living to sometimes wanting to stop with living. Or they become a bully themselves, continuing the vicious circle of bullying.

We created our Not a victim breakthrough to solve this.

-Firstly we give the the tools to become self-reliant, ranging from using a clinically validated app that can measure, monitor and enable them to master mental fitness.

-Secondly, we change their perspective of themselves and the bully.

-Thirdly we give them the capabilities to handle themselves and in difficult situations.

Here we see three magical moments happening.

-First, they become aware of what's possible and get clarity again.

-Secondly, there will be a breakthrough, where they overcame a challenge.

-Thirdly they are becoming immune to bullying; it doesn't affect them anymore or more than necessary. Post-traumatic growth will happen, and in doing so, they gained principles and processes to overcome challenges throughout their Life.

Now they are not living like a victim; they earned their black belt resilience, supporting them for Life.

So they can get a head start instead of lag behind.

Bullying is one of the most significant challenges children have to face. It can set them up for a life with regrets or with adventure and memories.

We know it is so important to lay a foundation as a child because we were also bullied as a child. It lasted years, even more, the bullying I did to myself. We eventually broke through the bullying.

We created a Not A Victim breakthrough to equip you as parents with all the tools to mentor your child to be prepared to breakthrough bullying and other Life's obstacles.

This is not just when other kids in schools bully your child; we also go into cyberbullying and self-bullying.

Self-bullying is, unfortunately, a topic which you don't hear a lot about. This is where the child is mentally and or physically bullying themselves.

Which can go unseen even more than bullying.

We show you how to set up the communication with your child, so when something is going on, they will tell you. Parents misunderstand the chance of their kid telling them because most parents will not find out, and if they do, it's often very far in the process.

One parent found out because the teacher called him because the child didn't come back into class after a playing break. The teacher found him taped to a tree. Neither the teacher and the parents knew this was going on for years.

You can understand from this story, and we, unfortunately, have more horror stories like this, that as a parent, you can feel hopeless and powerless, which can affect your vitality and mental health. This will limit your ability to mentor your child. That's why we also incorporated a part in the course where we give you the tools to maintain your vitality high to handle obstacles.

The realtime and connected Not A Victim Breakthrough Program is limited to a small number of parents each intake.

We do this so we can provide you with all the support you need.

Over three months, we will support and guide you in our proven methodology so your children can rapidly breakthrough bullying, grow stronger and being prepared for anything. Earning them a Black Belt in Resilience for Life.

You can submit your interest below, and we will put you on our waiting list.

In the meantime, you can take our scorecard to get insights into how prepared you and your child are or jump on of our workshops (we deliver this both offline and online).

In closing, we invite you to become ambassadors for the Breakthrough bullying campaign.

Start the conversation about why we should prepare our children for breakthrough obstacles as we teach them to cross the road safely.

We are Sebastian Bates and Menno Siebinga; we are known for mentoring families to breakthrough bullying and Life's obstacles, ending the cycle of bullying (one kid at a time). We are leaving families feeling more connected, in control and prepared for anything together.