Not A Victim – Inspiring Stories Series, Jane Frankland – Not on my Watch‪!‬

*Special Edition hosted by Meno Siebinga*: Menno Siebinga is a physiotherapist specialising in unlocking more vitality, more live and more meaning in people over 50 than they ever thought possible. Like making a 91-year older woman walker free, and letting an 88-year-old grow 4 cm taller. As a kid, he was bullied throughout his childhood and teens. This affected him and his parents deeply until he found martial arts. He is deeply passionate about providing parents with the right tools so their children will have the right tools when they need it most so they will Not be A Victim, nor themselves Today Meno is interviewing Jane Frankland, a serial entrepreneur! In this episode you will hear Janes’ story of how the bullying she experienced in her life has shaped her life and ultimately impacted her new project “Not On My Watch!” Incredibly inspiring.

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